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Heritage Boiler Overview

Cotswold Heritage Model Steam Engine Collection.

For those with the desire to operate their Cotswold Heritage engine on Live Steam, our range of boilers is to be recommended. Gas fired, Horizontal and Vertical types are available, together with a special Spirit fired 'Babcock and Wilcox' style boiler. All are fully finished and ready to use.

Manufactured from quality materials and silver soldered throughout, each boiler is fully tested and equipped with a
water gauge, safety valve, pressure gauge and steam union.

Refinements such as refillable gas tanks, hand pumps and check valves may be included or simply added at a later date.
Boiler Intro

Gas-Fired Model Steam Boilers
The Cotswold Heritage horizontal and verital gas fired boilers have been carefully designed to ensure ease of operation and compatibility with our all of our engines

Mounted on substantial aluminium bases finished in gloss black enamel, the boilers are coated in a durable satin black heat resisting material. Click here for more information on our gas-fired steam engine boilers

Gas-Fired Model Steam Boilers

Spirit-Fired Model Steam Boilers
Originally developed to compliment our Cirrus beam engine Thor is a small boiler full of character and nostalgic appeal.

For many the use of spirit as a fuel will help recall fond memories of earlier encounters with small steam engines and enable the sight sound and smell of a classic model to once again be enjoyed. Click here for more information on our Thor spirt-fired steam engine boiler.

Spirit-Fired Model Steam Boiler